Centre for Legal Resources launches 2013 Business Ethics and Compliance Conference

Today, January 28, 2013, Centre for Legal Resources, with the support of British Embassy in Romania, is launching 2013 Business Ethics and Compliance conference. Read the press release here.

Center for Legal Resources organizes a conference on business ethics and compliance

Center for Legal Resources will organize on February 27, at the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the national conference "Business Ethics and Compliance Conference". The event is funded by the British Embassy in Bucharest.


Business Ethics and Compliance Conference – Bucharest, February 27, 2013

Centre for Legal Resources, with the support of the British Embassy in Bucharest, conducted a survey of the 1000 most important companies in Romania in terms of turnover and number of employees.


Theme: Public Policies Stimulating Business Ethics and Compliance

In times of economic hardships, when companies struggle to deliver results to their clients and shareholders, the means they use to achieve the expected targets become more relevant then ever.

In such times of higher public concerns on integrity, the unethical behaviour may undermine public trust in the company as a whole and also in its branded products. Any company’s commitment to integrity and ethical behaviour rests on the ability of its ethical leaders to nurture a compliance culture and on adequate internal integrity and risk controls, the so-called organisational justice.

In these times, the Government is under significant pressure to demonstrate integrity in public budget spending and public procurement system but also to demonstrate that adequate anti-bribery regulations are in place and they are properly implemented.

These are several reasons way “2013 Business Ethics and Compliance” conference focus on internal compliance systems employed by Romanian companies in order to safeguard their integrity but also on the responsibility of Government to stimulate such companies committed to ethical behaviour. Thus, the main question of our 2013 conference is whether the Government can and/or should stimulate Romanian companies to invest in internal ethics and compliance systems and what kind of public publics are suitable to contribute to this end? While this question may have different responses, one proposal is already on the market. Government may stimulate business compliance by awarding public contracts “predominantly to companies that have demonstrated a full commitment to fighting corruption through implementing adequate and tight internal anti-bribery policies and codes of ethics”. Is this proposal enough?

The conference brings together leaders from business, public sector, nonprofit sector and academia to share their concerns, challenges and alternative solutions for stimulating business ethics and compliance. We provide a framework for a fruitful dialogue among policy-makers and business leaders or compliance executives so that the new regulations inspired by the Romanian National Anticorruption Strategy 2012-2015 to be smart and help the Romanian companies to better mange their integrity risks being competitive in the same time.

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